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Cleansers and Toners

Hydra Gel Cleanser


Hydra Gel Cleanser /with and without AHAs

Hydra Gel Cleanser Highly moisturizing deep pore cleanser formulated with the utmost in skin soothing/healing botanicals. Excellent for all skin types from the most sensitive to the most difficult to cleanse. Leaves skin balanced and refreshed. / For all skin types

Hydra Gel Cleanser with AHAs The addition of 3% AHAs provides a deeper pore cleansing. / For Dry/Normal/Mature/Oily/Acne Skin.....Ingredients and Directions

Rose Milk Deluxe Cleanser


Rose Milk Deluxe Cleanser

A rich and creamy rose scented cleanser for the very sensitive, dry or mature skin. Soothes and moisturizes while dissolving make-up and the day’s debris. Excellent for eye make-up removal. / For Dry/Sensitive/Mature Skin.....Ingredients and Directions

Hydra Gel Exfoilant With AHA


Hydra Gel Exfoliant with 3% AHAs

The natural way to exfoliate you facial skin as it removes dry lifeless skin cells and cleans clogged pores. Leaves skin feeling remarkably soft, smooth and rejuvenated. / For all skin types excluding Sensitive Skin.....Ingredients and Directions

Aloe Rose Mist


Aloe Rose Mist

This natural, rose and mineral essence may be used at any time as a superb, oil-free, spray-on moisturizer under your moisture cream or as a finishing touch to set make-up. With the addition of antioxidants, nutrients and healing Aloe Vera, your skin receives nourishment and multi-protection from environmental assault. / For all skin types.....Ingredients and Directions

Fruit Tonic


Fruit Tonic Toner with 2.5% AHA

This alcohol-free toner with herbal concentrates facilitates the cleansing process and leaves the skin balanced. It also prepares the skin for an even and more efficient absorption of a glycolic treatment or regenerative care product. / For Normal/Oily/Acne Skin.....Ingredients and Directions

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